Monday, November 11, 2013

Growing Up on a Diet of Disney and the Dr. on Sesame Street

Growing Up on a Diet of Disney and the Dr. on Sesame Street

Growing up on a diet of Disney, Dr. Seuss, and Sesame Street, I never truly understood how lucky I was, until of course I had my own kids.  I couldn’t wait to share the lyrics of my favorite Dr. Seuss books or the timeless talent of Jim Henson and Frank Oz teaching kids about the Letter J on Sesame Street, and of course one of my all time favorite Disney movies, The Jungle Book!

My collection of Disney DVD’s have their own closet, I can recite most Dr. Seuss books by heart and I can sing along with probably 90% of any Sesame Street song dated pre 2005.  I think that I am probably not alone in my complete and total adoration and gratitude to these great creators who have inspired generations and kept our toddlers entertained.

One of the things these great story tellers had in common was that they could take you on an incredible journey with fantastical characters that were still some how relatable.  The music was classic and the backdrop of the stories was always vibrant and inviting. I was so excited to share these adventures with my children and relive it all as an adult. 

Now my son is 14, my daughter will be graduating from High School in June and I have two girls in college.  We still all have movie night from time to time but the Disney nights are fewer and farther between.  I only read Dr. Seuss at High School Graduations and I never really see too much of Elmo these days. 
I have been busy building a business the past 6 years, of course with children.  The Connection Performing Arts Center.  It has kept me pretty busy and we started to experience some pretty incredible opportunities and success.   T.V. shows, movies, concerts and corporate jobs for the kids we were training.  I love what we have done and accomplished and that fact that it has lead me to discover a new passion and interest, The CanDos!!!

The CanDos were created to share my belief system with the children of the world.  A belief that you Can Do whatever you put your mind to.  It started as a simple concept to empower children and teach them to respect and accept each other.  It has grown into an amazing vehicle to educate and entertain preschoolers around the globe.  

I am blessed to have my sister in law and one of my best friends as my partner in this venture.  She has supported my craziness and encouraged me to share it with all of you. She has been by my side while we learned that puppets are not as easy as they look but definitely more fun than they look.  Tears of laughter over falling props and crazy shots have made this journey one to remember.

So thank you Dr. Seuss, thank you Walt Disney and thank you Sesame Street for years of entertainment, memories with my children and inspiring me to create something too!

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