Wednesday, November 4, 2015

CanDo casting is almost complete!!!

CanDo casting is almost complete!!!

To celebrate we are officially announcing our cast!!

Stay tuned to see who is coming to The CanDos!!!

Haben Abraham is the voice of Candy CanDo.

Haben is the youngest of the EriAm Sisters.  The group gained fame in 2009 when they appeared on America’s Got Talent, Pierce Morgan called them the future and the next Destiny’s Child.  At the age of 12, Haben wrote a song called “Diary” that was never released however after it was leaked, it made it to number one on Hot Radio 105.7 Atlanta for 5 consecutive weeks.  Recently appearing along side her sisters and David Foster performing for the Foster Foundation, Haben is traveling the world and living her dream.  We are blessed to have such an amazing talent starring as our little sweetheart Candy CanDo.

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