Sunday, September 18, 2016

The McGrews, a family affair.

A few months back as I was working on the CanDos with my sister-in-law and partner in crime, we were grabbing some lunch and some how the subject of family history and ancestry came up. Billie’s heritage all but eludes me now, because as soon as she said she was Scottish and that she came from the clan called “The McGrews”, I couldn’t hear anything else.  I started to bombard her with all kinds of questions. This was the most I could get from her in a condensed version.

“The McGrews were from Scotland and they were so rowdy that they weren’t allowed to walk through town in a pack. They were eventually kicked out of Scotland and sent packing to Ireland.”

So this Bedtime Tale is dedicated to Billie and her mother Sally.

The moral of “The McGrews” is that we might all be different but that there is a place for everyone, with a quick rewrite of history and a little help from a sea monster named Nessie, the towns people learn to respect and accept the McGrews and they all live happily every after by the Bonnie Lochness.

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