Thursday, January 29, 2015

The SeaHawks are CanDos!

I have never really been a huge football fan but growing up and living back here in Seattle the past few years, how could I NOT be a Seahawks fan?
Talk about a belief system in action!  They are a fantastic example of the CanDo mentality.  Working hard with focus, but most of all believing in themselves and their team!

My new found passion for this team far exceeds their football skills on the field and in fact, it was fostered before they were crowned champions last year. Back in 2013, I was privileged to participate at WeDay (  They needed dancers for the show and we were honored to be a part of such an incredible positive movement for our youth.  It was an amazing day. 
The kids danced with MC Hammer and Kid President, took photos with Magic Johnson and Nelly Furtado and led the crowd of 15,000 in the WeDay Dance.  

Sometime during the day, Pete Carol was brought to the stage along with Russell Wilson, Richard Shernan, Russell Okung and John Moffitt.  That is when I learned that coach Carol and the Seahawks were responsible for bringing WeDay to the United States and Seattle.  That was it, that was the day I became a super fan.

To be a true champion you must give back.  For me, Pete Carol and his team were champions long before they ever brought home that Super Bowl trophy!

So after last weeks championship game, the CanDos got together and decided to pay homage to their favorite team and their incredible come back!  
For for information on WeDay please visit their site.

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